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You are on point. In diferent perspective, it is really not good to self indulge on what is happening on social medias. Example, mentally or physically, social medias are really
This is helpful. I too work for different country, I didn't know about struggles like this, glad oyu tackled it to help others who have hard time on the said
See the pertinent section of the Aquamacs FAQ. You may have to install the Aquamacs command line tools (adds aquamacs and Aquatics aware emacsclient CLI commands). After you have installed
I'm working with ember-cli now rather than brunch. The same technique works. That is create a file under ~/.pow/ named for you app and containing only the port number. In
If you use zsh and oh-my-zsh, an alternative to add ./bin to you path is to simply use the bundler plugin. In a project that uses bundler (ruby, commonly rails),

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