Hi, I run Generali.st and I'm currently the Technical Director for AskThem. I'm also a long time open source contributor. Most prominently, I'm the original author and lead developer of Kete, a Ruby on Rails based collaboration tool.

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As some of you may have noticed, I've almost completely dropped off Twitter and Facebook. That's not because I don't value my friends and family! I just have a very difficult time stomaching the evolution towards corporate ownership and control of our communication. It's not good for humanity (or our planet as a whole) in either the short term or the long term.

I've definitely enjoyed both Twitter and Facebook in the past. They allow for truly incredible things to happen that were not possible without their massive social graphs. Fundamentally though I question whether it is ethical for corporations

I get sick of writing localhost and port numbers when I'm developing, so I use pow.

It's a little trickier when you are developing with ember-cli rather than a Ruby Rack based app. You have to use Port Proxying because ember-cli is based on node.js with an express server. It's really not that bad though.

I use the powder gem to manage pow (along with lunchy to stop and start pow's daemon on rare occasion). Here's how I set up an ember-cli app with port proxying:

After the powder command, you should get a note saying your

I love building software...

I've mostly done this in the service of other people's goals, but I'm ready to take a chance on a project of my own.

As a software developer, I've explored supporting the things that I care about with my work for others.

With Askthem.io, I threw in with Participatory Politics Foundation to break down the wall between elected officials and the citizens they represent. I dedicated myself to Howhenua Library Trust's vision of supporting local communities online as the technical lead on Kete. Almost everything I've done has had an open source component.

In this way I've

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