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Here's a thought balloon. I'm interested in leading a hands-on workshop for Rails developers that want to learn Elixir and Phoenix by porting a real world codebase. Who wants to come?

What I'm thinking is we will work together on porting a legacy open source Ruby on Rails app, used for several years in production, to Elixir and Phoenix. 

  • you'll gain experience with Elixir and Phoenix that you can point to on github
  • testing and best practices will be integrated throughout, so you'll come away ready to get things done
  • we'll consider and implement architectural decisions more complex than a demo blogging app
  • I'll point out common pitfalls Rails people often fall into so you can avoid them
  • you'll get an thorough understanding of the Elixir (and Erlang) ecosystem with a handy cheatsheet reference

To be honest I haven't chosen the time or place yet, but I would like to put it on soon. It's dependent on who is interested in taking part and when they are available.

In case you are wondering, yes, this would be a paid workshop. I haven't settled on a price yet, but I'll definitely offer a discount to those that give me feedback on the idea.

If the workshop goes well, I plan on offering it on a regular basis.

If you are interested or have feedback, email me or get in touch via Twitter.

You can also sign up for my newsletter if you want updates when I have news about the workshop:

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