Working at with Elixir & Phoenix.

I'm also a long time open source contributor. Most prominently, I was the original author and lead developer of Kete, a Ruby on Rails based collaboration tool.

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[Update: Thread support and a reasonable price means that I don't recommend this workaround anymore. Search for "belkin wemo thread plug" in Apple store, etc.]

Better formatted instructions and resources to come in next draft of this post, but here are the basics that I relied on to get the PowerTech MS6106 Wi-Fi Smart Plug working with HomeKit.

This process is mainly derived from this tutorial on reddit. I had to trial and error a few times to get a working `json-string` config string for the MS6106. The overall process will likely work with other tuya based accessories

Based on a what I posted to Elixir team Slack on October, 4th 2017


I'm not a tax, contract, or employment lawyer. This is what I have found in my research and experience working this way for many years. However, I 'm just another bozo on the internet. Your mileage may vary.

If you are versed in tax and employment law and find errors in what I outline, please get in touch and I'll update it.


I tend to focus on getting work with early stage startups. I'm usually one of the first ten people they take on.

What I'm thinking is we will work together on porting a legacy open source Ruby on Rails app, used for several years in production, to Elixir and Phoenix. 

  • you'll gain experience with Elixir and Phoenix that you can point to on github
  • testing and best practices will be integrated throughout, so you'll come away ready to get things done
  • we'll consider and implement architectural decisions more complex than a demo blogging app
  • I'll point out common pitfalls Rails people often fall into so you can avoid them
  • you'll get an thorough understanding of the Elixir (and Erlang) ecosystem with