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I love building software...

I've mostly done this in the service of other people's goals, but I'm ready to take a chance on a project of my own.

As a software developer, I've explored supporting the things that I care about with my work for others.

With, I threw in with Participatory Politics Foundation to break down the wall between elected officials and the citizens they represent. I dedicated myself to Howhenua Library Trust's vision of supporting local communities online as the technical lead on Kete. Almost everything I've done has had an open source component.

In this way I've tried to fight the good fight.

But in my personal life, I've been frustrated by how mainstream news, even "alternative" news sources, bury the information we need to make our world better. I really don't care about George Clooney's wedding while 3.1 million die each year from poor nutrition. I want to see a new age of activism that demands that our society address our true challenges.

In order for this to happen we need the best quality information, particularly from under-represented voices, and we need to know the ways that we can take advantage of it.

I want to read stories like the Jakarta Post's A hunger for coal threatens The Heart of Borneo, but I also want to know what actions I can take to help. Can I do something like joining the divestment campaign against BHP Bilton or contributing to the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Wahli)? Is there a comprehensive report that I can use to raise awareness of the issue?

What to do?

Don't get me wrong. There are great news sources out there, whether an organization or even a person's blog, but they can be hard to find due to media consolidation and a filter bubble that doesn't want us to take action.

So I've cooked up a scheme to seek out useful news from diverse sources about the most important issues facing humanity; challenges facing our environment (particularly climate change), childhood development and education, and poverty.

You can find out more at If you want to hear more, please sign up to the mailing list on that page.

P.S. - I would love your feedback. Email me at wm -at- waltermcginnis dot com.

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