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I'm a fan of random conversations that happen when you are on some sort of shared transport from A to B. This is probably not a surprise to those that know me. I had a great one last night while flying back from Auckland to Wellington.

It started with grumblings about there only being one inflight magazine in a row of seats on Jetstar and a little later progressed into a discussion about Hüsker Dü and a show by Grant Hart, a connection to SST Records in Wellington, Thursday Night Curry,  the Dunedin Sound, Wellington's current music scene, watching the Simpons with a teenager, people that you recognize in your life when you read Jonathon Franzen's the Corrections, and to be expected, politics.

Strangely this led to a classic saying that this guy, I never grabbed his name, attributed to "what I learned in Hamilton".

Cow needs milking. Milk it.

Or something close to that. The implication was a lot people ignore the obvious next step and continue spinning their wheels asking themselves, "what should I do next?" when the answer is right in front of them.

As we were close to landing, we talked about what I had been doing up in Auckland. I summarized my trip as "I think I found a cow that needs milking."

Not bad for an hour flight!

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